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Frequently asked questions

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What should I wear?

We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear.

At East Dean in the morning and especially for the All Age Service our style is relaxed, so dress “casual / smart” and you will fit right in. At Friston and Jevington we tend to be a little more traditional, but again, it is not your clothes that matter, but what’s going on inside you!

The offering – how much should I give?

New to church or a visitor? There is no expectation or obligation whatsoever to give in the offering. Instead of wanting you to give something we want you to receive something!

Can I sit anywhere?

Yes – there are no reserved seats – except the Rector’s! We are a friendly family and want nothing better than for more people to come and experience faith in Jesus Christ.

Are children welcome?

Yes! Yes! Yes! – children are particularly well catered for during all morning services at East Dean with our “Beehive Crèche” plus activities for younger children.

What about people with disabilities or in wheelchairs?

East Dean Church has an area of flexible seating which can easily make space for people in wheelchairs, and this seating is designed for those who may find wooden pews uncomfortable.

Are you “happy clappy” or “traditional” in style?

Neither. We are committed to worshipping God in a variety of styles. We recognise that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so we respect and enjoy both traditional and contemporary worship.

Can I take communion?

Yes – if you are baptised and confirmed. If you are a baptised communicant of other churches you are also welcome to receive Communion at East Dean  Friston and Jevington.

Can I get married in Church?

If you are thinking about getting married – congratulations! The Church of England has a list of “qualifying conditions” to determine who can legally be married in any particular church building. For our “Wedding Information Pack” click here.

Who can be baptised?

Anyone who lives in the parish or comes to church.
We offer both Baptisms (sometimes called ‘christenings’) and Thanksgivings .

Aren’t Christians boring and have no fun?

Yes – some are – but no more or less than anyone else. And Jesus isn’t boring indeed it is exciting and challenging to follow him.

Can I be a Christian without going to church?

Church is not something we “go” to – church is simply what a group of Christians are. It’s an integral part of being a Christian to meet regularly with others, to praise God, hear from him, encourage others, for the challenges of the week ahead. Ill-health or infirmity may prevent some from meeting, and we try to offer them continuing fellowship and support at home.

Can I find out more about the Christian faith without actually going to church?

Absolutely! The best way is to sign up for the Christianity Explored and/or Alpha Courses. Contact Peter Hewitt Tel 422461 or David Baker Tel 423266 for more information. Alternatively pop in to East Dean church and help yourself to a free copy of one of the booklets there.

Hello and welcome to our three churches. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Visitor FAQs

Planning your Visit

Our Churches 

Our churches seek to offer a warm welcome, authentic worship from the heart, and talks which are Biblical, expository, and down-to-earth.

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East Dean

A living community of faith at the heart of the village

On Sunday mornings at East Dean we hold modern language services which appeal to people of all ages, with music that includes well-loved hymns plus the best modern songs. Children are especially welcome at our morning services – and we offer a supervised Crèche and regular activities for children so that parents can enjoy their worship without distraction.  For details of our services click here.

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A house of prayer set high on the hill                  

Services at Friston cater particularly for those who prefer a traditional more reflective service using the much-loved words of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the King James Bible. For details of our services click here.



A church with a message of hope for today in a setting of timeless beauty

All our services are held at 11.15 every Sunday. We offer both modern language and traditional language services. For details of our services click here.


All our churches are open all day and every day for anyone to use as a quiet space for prayer or just to sit and be quiet.