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Dear friends

Thank you so much to all who made the effort to attend our East Dean and Friston annual meeting last night, and the Jevington one before Easter. These are important times, and it was great to have so many encouragements to read and hear about in our annual reports yesterday evening, and to welcome some new PCC members. Truly we are “the Body of Christ” and it is great that so many people are so willing to serve in so many self-sacrificial and inspiring ways. It is appreciated! More importantly, it contributes to the most important thing in the¬†world – the growth of the gospel.

This Sunday at East Dean at 9.30 we welcome a special guest speaker – Rev Dr Simon Vibert, who is vice principal of Wycliffe Hall, the Anglican Bible college in Oxford. Here’s a picture of him!

He will be with us as part of the weekend Bible By the Beach festival – so we may have some other visitors with us at the service who are staying in the area for that weekend. Let’s be alert to welcoming people whose names we don’t know! There will be our usual creche and children’s groups etc. We also have an 11.15am service at Jevington and 6.00pm service at Friston. Our weekly newsletter is attached with more details and other notices.

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May you be knowing the Lord’s wisdom, presence, grace¬†and help even amid many pressures this week or whatever circumstances you face.


In Christ



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