Weekly Newsletter

We continue our October theme on The Gospel and Our Role in Sharing it at our 9.30am Parish Praise at East Dean, 11am Morning Prayer at Friston and 11.15am Communion at Jevington. During the week, our various home groups will be meeting to talk about the theme too. Why not go along to listen or ask questions too. Details on page 2 of the newsletter.


Update for 29 October:

I’m away next week too, so no email distribution for the newsletter, but please pick up your copy at church next Sunday.

And don’t forget to put your clocks back by one hour on Saturday/Sunday or you’ll be early or late to church … hmmm now which will it be.

Next Sunday we have our All Age Light Event, 4.30pm at East Dean. Please support this service with your prayers or in person – there’ll be pumpkin carving, games, crafts, refreshments and a message.

As it’s 5th Sunday of the month and the clocks will have changed, Friston evening prayer reverts to 4pm GMT.

Finally, we will also have our Prayer Praise and Celebration evening on All Hallows Eve, 31st October, 7.30pm at East Dean Church. All welcome.


– Carol (pp David)



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