The Christian Message

The Christian message is about Jesus Christ: Christianity is Christ.

Jesus was born in an obscure town called Bethlehem, in Israel, over 2000 years ago. During his first 30 years he shared the daily life and work of an ordinary home. For the next 3 years he went about teaching people about the Kingdom of God, how to live and healing sick people by the shores of Lake Galilee. He called 12 ordinary men to be his helpers.

He had no money. He wrote no books. He commanded no army. He wielded no political power. During his life he never travelled more than 200 miles in any direction. He was executed by being nailed to a cross at the age of 33.

He was raised from the dead, and today over 2 billion people throughout the world acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God and claim to know His presence in their lives. Globally, the church continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Their message of the good news about Jesus is the reason our churches exist – and why, all over the world, there are thinking, serious people who know what it means to meet the living Jesus Christ, and who believe he has some unique things to say to us.

Something of what we believe…

God is bigger, better and closer than we can imagine – and he loves you and me.
Jesus is God showing himself to us.
We can all have a personal relationship with God.
The cross is the bridge between us and God.
Through his Holy Spirit, God can live in us now.
The Bible is God’s perfect manual for living.
The church is to serve people like Jesus served people.
Friendship with God is a gift rather than a reward for being good.
Death is a beginning, not the end.
Jesus is coming again.
Jesus gives us a choice – to follow him, ignore him, or even to reject him.